The Benefits of Utilizing Cloud Services for Remote Access and Management

By Sanjay Challa
Chief Product Officer
Salient Systems

For many businesses, remotely accessing, monitoring, and managing their video management system (VMS) deployments can be a daunting task. Often, there is complicated networking involved, or specialized hardware that must be deployed. Salient Cloud Services provides a simple, secure, and easy-to-adopt solution for remote access and management. Salient’s solution layers onto an existing CompleteView deployment with no disruption or change to the hardware or networking, making it easy to try and buy with no risk to the proper functioning of the on-premise VMS.

The secure remote access and management capabilities are valuable to both end users and security integrators. End users can easily keep tabs on their deployment after hours, or quickly equip first responders, or enable non-security personnel to more easily tap into insight and intelligence from their CompleteView VMS

Security integrators benefit from significant savings in operational costs. They can provide rapid support to customers with Salient Cloud Services without having to incur the overhead and costs of dispatching technicians to customer sites for every single issue. Best of all, Salient Cloud Services enables integrators to proactively monitor customer deployments remotely and prevent issues before they ever occur.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of utilizing cloud services for remote access and management, and how they can enhance the overall customer experience.

Simple, Secure Remote Access

One of the critical benefits of using cloud services for remote access and management is simple, secure remote access. Without having to make any changes to hardware or networking, users can securely and easily access live and recorded video anywhere, on any device, at any time. Best of all, there is no learning curve, as users can rely on the exact same desktop, web, and mobile clients they use today.

Better Maintenance at Lower Cost

Salient Cloud Services also minimizes the need to dispatch technicians on-site for each and every issue that arises. Without having to get IT assistance with VPN access, integrators can securely and remotely access the system to manage, monitor, and administrate as though they were on site. While the solution does not completely eliminate all truck rolls, it can help integrators address a large number of issues more quickly and at lower cost.

Increased System Stability and Reduced Downtime

A natural side effect of simple remote access and management is that both operators and administrators can conveniently reach into the VMS. By reducing the barriers, it’s easier to proactively identify any issues or catch matters immediately when they occur. When there is more consistent use, it’s less likely that a camera will go down without anyone noticing, or that a storage system would fail without anyone finding out for months. Ultimately, simple, secure remote access means fewer surprises, less downtime, and a more robust video surveillance solution.

Improved Customer Experience and Business Operations

While video surveillance has historically been reserved for security and safety teams, there is growing demand across non-security stakeholders for insights that can be found in video. Whether it is better understanding behavioral patterns, flow, or countless other things that impact the customer experience or business operations, it’s clear that there is a lot of value in video beyond safety and security. Unfortunately, the challenge historically is that it is not easy to provide non-security stakeholders with access to video. With Salient Cloud Services, this barrier is eliminated. For example, a Major League Baseball team is using Salient Cloud Services to enable talent scouts to remotely keep tabs on key players. This is a great example of a community of non-security professionals that—until now—was unable to tap into insights from the video system.

Salient’s Cloud Services are a great example of how cloud services can be utilized to improve security and video surveillance infrastructure. By adding Salient Cloud Services, businesses can take advantage of the benefits afforded to them, operate more efficiently, and provide a better overall customer experience.

Sanjay Challa is the Chief Product Officer for Salient Systems.

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