Access Control

Case Study: Mishkan Learning Center Upgrades Intercom System to Better Manage Flow of Visitors

The Mishkan Learning Center is steeped in history, first starting in 1945 to provide educational and recreational opportunities to young people regardless of the financial situation of their families. Today, the facility has grown to offer a variety of services, including a summer day camp, hands-on job training, and on demand housing for low-income earners to individuals in the Bridgeport, Connecticut, area.

From Traditional Hardware to Access Control and Beyond

There has been an increase in the types of available access control solutions. There has also, unfortunately, been an increase in the number of school shootings. Therefore, more campuses are turning to new and improved safeguards.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Launches Mobile Credentials

In a leap toward modernizing campus access, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) is set to officially launch mobile credentials. This initiative marks a transformative shift, allowing students, faculty and staff to seamlessly access campus facilities, pay for dining and retail items, open doors and complete transactions, replacing the traditional plastic ID cards.

Student Centered Solutions

In early 2023, John Diemer Elementary School, located in an east Kansas suburb, was transformed into a facility that embodies the idea that learning happens everywhere. The new facilities feature innovative classroom designs that balance flexibility and security—a plan that had been developed collaboratively between the architects and project owners.

Expanding Mobile Access Credentials

The new academic year is now kicking into high gear at colleges and universities, and on many campuses, students were welcomed this fall with the added convenience and security of mobile access credentials. It is a trend that has become more of an expectation than a surprise in the world of higher education as the demand for advancements in electronic access control (EAC) like mobile credentials continues to grow.

Electronic Key Cabinet System Lets Districts Think Outside the (Knox) Box

Electronic Key Cabinet System Lets Districts Think Outside the (Knox) Box

As parents and students nationwide prepare to return to school, concerns over school safety continue to grow. With numerous high-profile incidents of active threats in the news, parents and educators are grappling with the best ways to protect students and staff from danger.

Technology Integrations Are Producing Effective Results in Visitor Management

Technology Integrations Are Producing Effective Results in Visitor Management

Not only can a visitor management system heighten security and safety—mainly by vetting visitors before they’re permitted to enter a facility—it also can help campuses be compliant with occupancy levels dictated by fire codes and other regulations.

Evolv, Omnilert Partner on AI Gun Detection Solution

Active shooter solutions company Omnilert recently announced a partnership with Evolv Technology on Evolv’s newest product, Evolv Extend, according to a news release. Evolv Extend uses Omnilert’s open platform and flexible monitoring capabilities to determine where to send detection alerts for brandished weapons.

Arkansas School District Secures Activity Center With Paxton Access Control

As an integral part of the Huntsville (Arkansas) School District’s future sports complex, the new activity center serves as the hub for student activities across the district. Located on a remote site that’s home to the Huntsville Eagles Sports Complex, it is the future location that will house the district’s football and track stadium, baseball facilities, activity center, and other buildings that will be used to host activities and high school graduations.

Solving the Challenges of Printer Jams, Card Waste, and Long Lines at the One Card Office

NC State University One Card offices face tough challenges trying to serve tens of thousands of students, faculty and staff. Every person needs an ID card to access various aspects of campus life, from entering residence halls and other buildings to linking to debit accounts and proving student status to participate in university activities. One Card office challenges include improving printer efficiency, reducing card waste, and eliminating the hassles of having to visit one central location to pick up cards.