Bailey’s Gift Honors Kentucky High School Shooting Victim

Bailey’s Gift Honors Kentucky High School Shooting Victim

With each campus, or mass shooting for that matter, Secret Holt feels the pain of the day her daughter, Bailey, was shot and killed at Marshal County High School in rural Kentucky. That tragedy was more than four years ago, and nerves are still raw.

The news and outcome of this campus murder is reason enough to mourn the loss of Bailey, as well as other victims, families and the campus community at large.

For Secret, it is as if Jan. 23, 2018, lives on day after day. Today, however, her actions now speak hand in hand with her words as she spends as much time as possible advocating for campus security solutions.

In the darkness of despair, there have been points of pure light. “After Bailey’s death we were able to set up two nursing scholarships to be presented each year at Murray State University,” Secret said.

You see, Bailey had her life all planned out, and becoming a nurse to help others was top of list.

The recent campus shooting in Uvalde, Texas, has spurred on the efforts already underway by Steve Reinharz to introduce the Bailey’s Gift campaign. Reinharz, who is CEO of Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions and Robotic Assistance Devices, has introduced a weapons detection solution, and known in the AI and robotic vehicles world.

“The Bailey’s Gift campaign is truly remarkable, and we are so honored to be a part of it,” said Secret Holt. “My hope is that every school has the opportunity to experience this extraordinary technology. I have no doubt that this firearm detection system will be a great asset to every school campus across the country.”

RAD’s president Mark Folmer said the company is giving away 10 ROSA security solutions within days. Schools are encouraged to apply for consideration at School staff are encourage to visit the website for further details. Highlights of the announcement and of the open house is available at

ROSA is a "security-in-a-box" solution features simple installation with no networking requirements. It is designed to work with or without school resource officers and, upon detection of a firearm, can immediately activate lockdown (for schools with electronic locks), immediately notify school staff and law enforcement through audible, visual, SMS and other means. ROSA can detect firearms more than 150’ away, under the right conditions, providing an incredible advantage of time to protect and respond.

“We are honored to be doing our part to help save lives and secure schools,” Reinharz said. “The nation is yearning for tangible solutions that can prevent future tragedies from occurring. We look forward to working with schools to deploy these ROSAs with firearm detection technology quickly.”

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