Active Shooter


Atlanta University Increases Campus Police Officers' Hours After Shooting

At Clark Atlanta University, staff and students are still on edge after a shooter wounded four students, prompting the university to expand the number of hours its police officers work.

dayton sign no place for hate

Dayton Schools Grapple With How to Handle Expelled Students, Threats in Wake of Mass Shooting

Expelled students typically return to their original schools within 80 days according to Ohio law. How should administrators, parents and students handle the returned students?

high school hallway

Michigan School Undergoes Redesign To Reduce Impact of Mass Shooter

Fruitport High School is spending $48 million to add curved hallways, hiding areas and classroom doors that can be locked remotely as part of its efforts to make students and staff safer.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine in 2018

Ohio Governor Signs Executive Order to Create School Safety Center

The center aims to increase the use of an anonymous tipline, review school emergency management plans and host an annual safety summit, among other priorities.

florida state capitol building

Florida Lawmaker Introduces “Alyssa’s Law” To Require Panic Alarms in Public Schools

The bill, a version of which was already signed into law in New Jersey, would require Florida public schools to install silent panic alarms in each building.

active shooter drill with staff

School Administrators Grapple With Mental Health Consequences of Active Shooter Drills

In Pennsylvania and Florida, staff and students are trying to understand how these trainings affect their psyches while also trying to prepare for the possibility of a school shooter.

military K-9

Former Navy SEAL Trains Dogs to Find and Attack Active Shooters in Schools

A dog trained by veteran Joshua Morton to respond to school shootings will start working in a school for the first time in January.

Bulletproof Backpacks Do Not Stand Rifle Test

Bulletproof Backpacks Do Not Stand Rifle Test

An OfficeMax in Dallas is offering bulletproof backpacks, but they might not be as helpful in a school shooting as parents might think.

Health Researcher Says Kentucky Isn’t Doing Enough for School Safety through Senate Bill 1

Health Researcher Says Kentucky Is Not Doing Enough for School Safety through Senate Bill 1

The School Safety and Resiliency Act in Kentucky will beef up security through both hardening and softening measures, but health researcher Jagdish Khubchandani said that the lawmakers are missing a vital piece of child gun violence prevention.

How New Technology Increases Safety Against Gun Violence in U.S. Schools

How New Technology Increases Safety Against Gun Violence in U.S. Schools

The average school shooting lasts only 12.5 minutes, which means that every second counts when getting the closest responders to the greatest point of need.