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Lockdown Strategies: Unique for K–12 and Higher Education

Lockdown Strategies: Unique for K–12 and Higher Education

Lockdown strategies play a critical role in ensuring the safety, security, and wellness of students, faculty, and staff in every school setting.

Technology Integrations Are Producing Effective Results in Visitor Management

Technology Integrations Are Producing Effective Results in Visitor Management

Not only can a visitor management system heighten security and safety—mainly by vetting visitors before they’re permitted to enter a facility—it also can help campuses be compliant with occupancy levels dictated by fire codes and other regulations.

Accounting for Human Error

Much of the discourse around campus security—especially active shooter scenarios—revolves around making it as easy as possible for teachers and students to trigger an alarm in the event of an emergency.

How Instructional Audio Solutions are Setting Students Up for Success

Access to intelligible, clear audio has never been more important with educators and students back in classrooms across the nation.

Districts Increase Security in Response to TikTok Challenge

School districts around the country are ramping up security in response to a TikTok challenge that that has reportedly gone viral. The challenge encourages users to make “hoax threats” about a school shooting to occur on Friday, Dec. 17.

Why Now Is the Time for Schools to Re-Evaluate Safety Plans

Why Now Is the Time for Schools to Re-Evaluate Safety Plans

Many of the CDC’s guidelines can be met through the use of technology, and schools should be investing in and implementing technology solutions that not only helps them adhere to CDC guidelines this fall, but bolsters their overall school safety now and in the future.

Suspects Sought at VCU for Vehicle Theft

The Virginia Commonwealth University Police Department says four suspects are being sought after stealing a vehicle from a parking deck on VCU’s campus.

How Two-way Audio Devices Can Bolster School Security

How Two-way Audio Devices Can Bolster School Security

By the numbers, mass shootings on school grounds represent less than 1 percent of overall school violence incidents.

Making Data-informed Decisions

At the University of New England, access control is a piece of a larger puzzle helping to connect each person to the institution and campus.

Feeling Safe

The best environment for learning is one where students, teachers and staff feel safe.


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