IDIS, APEX Join to Install Solutions in Two UK High Schools

Video surveillance manufacturer IDIS recently announced that it has installed its solutions in two large high schools in the United Kingdom, according to a news release. IDIS worked with its integration partner APEX Network Solutions to provide its technology to Wade Deacon High School and Hillside High School, both part of the Wade Deacon Trust.

Wade Deacon High School cited problems with its IP CCTV system including increasing maintenance costs, poor functionality, and fluctuating image quality, the news release reports. Apex designed a solution to offer a low total cost of ownership and minimal ongoing maintenance that was also flexible enough to work with future installations.

“Apex designed a seamless end-to-end and NDAA-compliant IDIS DirectIP® solution comprising three 32-channel 4K recorders and a mix of close to ninety 5MP and 12MP IR domes, bullet, and fisheye cameras,” according to the news release. “The system is designed for unobtrusive coverage of corridors, indoor communal areas, entrances, building perimeters, and high-value sporting facilities which are vulnerable to vandalism during off hours.”

Hillside High School faced the additional difficulties of its 1930s architecture, including an absence of ceiling voids, long hallways, and solid floors. The school wanted to address similar issues of aging CCTV technology, usability, coverage gaps, and rising maintenance costs.

Apex produced an end-to-end solution that used IDIS’ plug-and-play deployment as well as seamless device compatibility to ensure full system functionality. Existing cameras were replaced with IDIS’ high-definition models, and new cameras were added in key locations around the school. The school now features 70 high-definition internal and external domes and bullets, as well as the 12MP IDIS Super Fisheye. The school’s upgraded system now offers full coverage of corridors, communal areas, entrances, and the school grounds. Staff can use the IDIS Center VMS management software to live view, play back, and fetch recorded coverage, according to the news release.

“We are very impressed with our IDIS solution installed by Apex,” said Jonathan Lowe, Director of ICT & Operations at Wade Deacon Trust. “Despite some infrastructure challenges, Apex listened to our requirements and delivered full system upgrades on time without any major disruptions or delays. The new solutions have given us reliable, comprehensive video surveillance coverage, and it’s proving easy to use to safeguard our school community.”