Evolv, Omnilert Partner on AI Gun Detection Solution

Active shooter solutions company Omnilert recently announced a partnership with Evolv Technology on Evolv’s newest product, Evolv Extend, according to a news release. Evolv Extend uses Omnilert’s open platform and flexible monitoring capabilities to determine where to send detection alerts for brandished weapons. The product uses AI visual gun detection software to flag both concealed weapons and brandished weapons to protect customers from active shooter incidents, the news release reports.

“Research has shown that 70 percent of active shooting events happen outside a building, and in many other cases, the gunman has the weapon visible as they walk up to the front door,” said Omnilert CEO Dave Fraser. "By integrating our software with cameras located around the perimeter, Evolv customers will now be empowered to stop a gunman before they open fire or enter the premises, providing advance warning to those inside the building and potentially saving many lives."

Omnilert Gun Detect uses a three-step verification process to recognize both guns and human physical behavior that tracks with gun violence. The software can identify a weapon in less than one second—and, once the firearm is verified, can initiate procedures like lockdowns and notifying law enforcement and staff. Customers can opt for human verification of potential detections, sending alerts to either an Omnilert monitoring center, an onsite security team, or a third-party service.

Alerts send image and video feeds of potential shooters, but no personally identifiable information—such as facial recognition—is used, and live video feeds never go beyond the installation site.

“We tested the Omnilert Gun Detect analytics using many kinds of guns, in different environments inside and outside, and under varying lighting conditions,” said Evolv Technology’s VP of Product, Steve Morandi. “Throughout all our testing, we were very impressed with the accuracy of the analytics and low false positive rate.”

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