University of Utah Launches Campus Safety Website

The University of Utah, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, has launched a new campus safety website to help students keep track of news and relevant campus resources. The site is part of a larger university initiative to revamp its campus security and safety program and rebuild trust following the murder of student Lauren McCluskey in October 2018.

“It is important for the campus community to have access to safety information and resources that are available through this new website,” said Annalisa Purser, director of administration for the Office of the Chief Safety Officer. “We are committed to transparency and accessibility and look forward to refining and adding to the site as the department evolves and based on feedback from the community.”

The new website includes devoted sections for safety news; safety tips and FAQs; data and information regarding federal, state, and university safety regulations; safety committees, including the newly formed Public Safety Advisory Committee and the Racist and Bias Incident Response Team; and a feedback form.

New websites are currently in development for each of the university’s public safety operational divisions, including the University Police, Emergency Management, Emergency Communications, Community Services, U Health Security, and Campus Security.

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