Parents in Florida Team Up to Create a School Safety Reporting App

Parents in Florida Team Up to Create a School Safety Reporting App

Four parents in Florida created a reporting app that allows students, teachers and parents to report fires, fights and other threats.

Motivated by the Parkland school shooting, Jason Wager wanted to create a real-time reporting system that will help keep students safe.

Wager, an Orange Park High School automotive technology teacher in Florida, said he enlisted the help of three other parents who have school experience to help create the MySafeSchool reporting app.

Those parents include: Sherman Smith,a welding instructor at Orange Park High School; Mike Elia a former administrator with the Clay County School District and Hank Barnett has a background in technology to help create the app. 

"It gives comfort, it gives parents relief," Smith said, "because not knowing is a painful place to be, especially when your children are involved."

The app can be used as a confidential tool for students teachers or parents to report a fire, fight, threat or ask for help. It can also be used as a tool for staff at different schools to communicate.

"To be able to instantaneously notify in that community that needs to know that communication I think is vital to school safety," Barnett said. 

"The app is ready to be placed in any school in the state, the country, internationally," Elia said. "The app is ready to go. We have the student portion. We have the teacher portion. We have the admin portion of the school, and where the district level can monitor the whole thing."

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