New California Law Makes Training Mandatory For All School Security Officers

New California Law Makes Training Mandatory For All School Security Officers

Starting in 2021, part-time employees will also be required to finish a course on student behavior, liability and more.

A new California law signed last week will require every school security officer employed by every public school and university to complete a training course, regardless of their status as a part-time or full-time guard. 

Under the previous law, only security professionals who worked more than 20 hours per week were required to finish the course, which covered liability, security awareness, conflict resolution and student behavior, among other topics. Part-time security staff members, which over 50 percent of California schools employed in 2018, were not included, according to The California Globe.

The law, introduced by state Sen. Tom Umberg, said he wanted to create a safer environment for students in the wake of growing concerns over school shooters and other forms of violence in schools. 

“Ultimately, the goal of SB 390 is to fully commit all school safety officers to student safety, by maximizing preparedness and knowledge essential to keeping children safe,” Umberg said in a statement. 

Security guards have previously been criticized for their responses to violent incidents, including a school resource officer who did not enter the school during a shooting in Parkland, Florida in 2018. The officer now faces charges of child neglect and perjury for his inaction during a massacre that killed 17 people. 

“They need this training so our kids stop getting away with [violence] and we don’t have to be the ones to find out about everything the guards missed or let happen,” substitute teacher Janet Clemens told the Globe. “This can only be good.”

Districts will have over a year to adjust to the new requirements. The law will go into effect for all security employees in 2021. 

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