Oregon Community College Adds Security Cameras Following Rash of Hit and Runs

Oregon Community College Adds Security Cameras Following Rash of Hit and Runs

Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, Oregon, is adding security cameras to its campus following multiple incidents of hit and runs on campus.

Since September, Clackamas Community College has seen eight hit and runs involving cars on its campus.

To help deter criminals, the college has installed 57 security cameras around campus, and plans to add more in the next few months.

“The cameras don’t cover all the areas on campus, so if an incident occurs campus security will investigate,” said Pete Kandratieff, manager of college safety. “Having more cameras on campus is a deterrent.”

Kandratieff said that anyone who witnesses a hit and run incident, they should contact college safety as soon as possible so college safety can alert the rest of the campus. Director of College Safety, Thomas Sonoff, agreed.

“If you see something occur in the parking lot like that, either call us right away or if you’re in an area where you’re in a safe place, we don’t want you confronting somebody, but if you can get somebody’s vehicle license plate number, that’s very helpful to us,” Sonoff said.

Sonoff said adding more security cameras will help keep the campus secure.

“The addition of cameras will be very helpful,” Sonoff said. “We just went through a big change with the college safety officers, so now we have college safety officers that are assigned to us specifically on campus for specifically different shifts for a six-month period at a time. Hopefully, people will see and recognize the officers over and over again, so they get familiar with the officers and get comfortable with them.”

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