Video Surveillance

Utah Montessori School Keeps Every Child Safe with Axis Cameras and Milestone Video Technology

Milestone’s Open Platform Video Management System (VMS) is a stable, reliable choice, allowing school administrators and educators to focus on teaching without worrying about having to continually look after the software.

Oregon K–12 District Adopts ZeroEyes Gun Detection Platform

Klamath Falls City Schools in Klamath Falls, Oregon, recently announced its decision to implement ZeroEyes’ A.I.-based gun detection platform to improve campus safety district-wide, according to a news release.

i-PRO Moves Manufacturing Center to Japan

Intelligent surveillance and public safety solutions company i-PRO Americas Inc. recently announced that its manufacturing center has relocated from Cambodia to Japan, according to a news release.

RAD Announces ‘Bailey’s 5’ Campaign in Honor of Shooting Victims

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions, Inc., and its subsidiary Robotic Assistance Devices (RAD) recently announced that it will extend its “Bailey’s Gift” initiative to include the “Bailey’s 5” campaign, according to a news release.

Video Surveillance in Healthcare Enhances Patient Care

Video Surveillance in Healthcare Enhances Patient Care

Healthcare organizations are unique environments. They regularly contend with ongoing business challenges such as limited resources and rising costs. Adding to their challenges are 24/7 visitor traffic, confidential patient data, large supplies of pharmaceuticals, and emergency situations.

Michigan K–12 District Selects AI-Based Gun Detection Security Platform

Vassar Public Schools in Vassar, Mich., recently selected an AI-based gun detection platform in an effort to prevent and mitigate active shooter events, according to a news release.

Remote Possibilities

Remote Possibilities

It’s 3 a.m., and some kids decided to climb the fence and play a little touch football on the athletic field. The motion-sensing cameras trigger an alert. Who’s receiving that alert? And what can they do about it if they’re not onsite?

IONODES Announces Compatibility of PERCEPT Body Camera with Milestone Software

IP video solutions provider IONODES, a Milestone Technology Partner, recently announced that its PERCEPT Body Camera has completed the Milestone verification process and has been confirmed to be compatible with Milestone XProtect software, according to a news release.

Case Study: Pennsylvania District Installs Milestone VMS

Case Study: Pennsylvania District Installs Milestone VMS

Serving as the school district for 10 boroughs and townships in Pennsylvania, the Ligonier Valley School District installed its first district-wide IP video surveillance system in 2021. With remote viewing capabilities, school administrators and the Ligonier Valley Police Department can quickly respond to and prevent dangerous situations from occurring on school grounds.

Integrated Security Solutions Lead to Smarter, Safer Hospitals

Integrated Security Solutions Lead to Smarter, Safer Hospitals

A combative walk-in takes a swing at security staff. A distraught stranger attempts to abduct a newborn. A clueless motorist blocks the ambulance lane. Hospitals face a daily array of security issues.


  • Expanding Mobile Access Credentials

    The new academic year is now kicking into high gear at colleges and universities, and on many campuses, students were welcomed this fall with the added convenience and security of mobile access credentials. It is a trend that has become more of an expectation than a surprise in the world of higher education as the demand for advancements in electronic access control (EAC) like mobile credentials continues to grow. Read Now

  • New York School District Selects AtlasIED’s IPX Technology for Modernization Initiative

    The North Syracuse Central School District (NSCSD), a K-12 public school district in Central New York state, serves the communities of North Syracuse, Clay, Cicero, Bridgeport, and Mattydale. With 11 elementary, middle, and high schools, the district covers almost 90 square miles and has 7,792 students and approximately 700 teachers. With some of its school buildings over 60 years old, the district needed to renovate many of them, some more urgently than others. As part of the process, district administrators and staff reevaluated all infrastructure elements and their approach to campus safety, selecting AtlasIED IPX technology to modernize their intercom, audio announcements, and emergency communications systems. Read Now