Metrasens Announces Progress in Hospital Security

Advanced detection safety and security systems provider Metrasens recently announced that more than 180 hospitals and healthcare centers in the United States have adopted its solutions within the last six months, according to a news release. Customers including behavioral health centers, emergency department psychiatric units, academic hospitals, children’s hospitals, and rural hospitals have taken advantage of Metrasens’ technology and training expertise to better protect themselves against threats of violence, including use of firearms and knives.

“Most security leaders and hospital executives we work with acknowledge the risks presented by guns and bladed weapons (knives, box cutters) and the corresponding need to increase the protection of their staff from these potential threats,” said Metrasens Director of Healthcare Brian Solverson. “Knives are a real threat our customers face and are often a challenge because of how they can be easily concealed and elude detection from other technologies. We are fortunate to have technology that addresses these risks and puts safety first.”

The news release reports that almost 3 percent of emergency room or emergency department visits have led to the confiscation of a weapon (10,691 weapons in total), 67 percent of which are bladed weapons and 0.3 percent of which are guns.

One client reported that in its level 1 adult and pediatric trauma center containing 500 beds, the Metrasens Ultra system prevented more than 2,500 potential risk items from entering the facility over a period of five months. The news release reports that in hospitals’ quest to uphold patient care as their primary purpose, the Metrasens solutions are easily movable and can handle a wide variety of situations.

“What impressed us most about the Metrasens Ultra is its incredible flexibility and portability compared with other systems that either require costly facility renovations or require a much larger footprint to operate,” said Matthew Brinkman, the System Senior Director of Security Services for Corewell Health in Michigan. “Our leadership is happy with our evaluation and decision to add Metrasens Ultra into our security operations.”

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