Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine - July August 2021

July / August 2021


Cover Story

Managing Traffic

Managing Traffic

By Nick Valdez

Educational campuses are busy, complex environments. Amidst all the bustle, there are countless discreet traffic interactions governing whether people and vehicles make it to their destinations safely and smoothly.


The Right to Choose

By Matt Jones

In late May 2021, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order banning the state’s government entities—including public schools and universities—from requiring face masks.

Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

By Nancy Islas

The recent COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of children to transition to a remote learning environment – far too quickly for many districts to make adequate preparations.

Rethinking Your Doors and Hardware

By Tom Morgan

he health and social crises of this past year have increased demand for enhanced safety, accessibility, compliance, and convenience.

Building Your Campus Project

Building Your Campus Project

By Scott Himes

The past school year required campus leaders to think on their feet as they addressed the evolving challenges presented by COVID-19.

An Essential Access

By Paul Hefty

The past two school years have presented many challenges with virtual classrooms, hybrid programs, and increased hygiene measures being implemented in K-12 and higher learning educational facilities.

Creating a Secure Space

Creating a Secure Space

By Debbie Pendleton

Children are a society’s most precious asset, from them comes a future head-of-state, captain of industry, or the inventor of the next revolutionary technology.

Extending the Perimeter

Extending the Perimeter

By Dan Rothrock

When the National Center for Education Statistics surveyed schools about security in 2018, it found that most public schools in the United States – 95 percent – reported that they controlled access to buildings during school hours.

Eyes on You

Atlanta Public Schools (APS) is an enormous school system, as are the challenges that Ralph Velez, director of security operations, is tasked to manage.

A Seamless Access

By Monique Merhige

The school has grown to host more than 300 students and 50 staff members and volunteers; with the preschool adding more than 40 students and staff members to the campus tally. A main challenge at the parish was being able to control access at all seven buildings.

Cutting through the Noise

By Todd Miller

It is hard to believe that many parts of the country are still in a state of emergency, more than a year after the first pandemic lockdowns began in March 2020.

The Touchless Fan Experience

The Touchless Fan Experience

By Mark McCormack

Remember back in the day when fans crowded at the gate, tickets in hand, eager to rush en masse to their seats?

The Importance of Visibility

The Importance of Visibility

By Mike Spanbauer

Let’s face it - the technology environment of a typical campus brings with it a unique set of situations and challenges that even the most seasoned technology manager may not fully appreciate.

At the Ready

At the Ready

By Michael Dorn

An important area of emergency preparedness for campus settings involves appropriate procedures for both internal and external hazardous materials incidents.

When Fire Strikes

By Bill Brennan

Physical security systems such as access control, video surveillance with analytics, and intrusion detection are primary security solutions at K-12 and higher education campuses that protect students, staff and assets.

A Fresh Set of Eyes

By Mike Halligan

I was recently approached about the value of fire and life safety inspections by a higher-education campus that is seeing severe budget pressures, staffing shortages and fewer students due to COVID-19.