Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine Digital Edition - November 2017

November 2017



Effective And Integrated Mass Notification At The Push Of A Button

Effective And Integrated Mass Notification At The Push Of A Button

By Greg Smith

With so much of today’s technology relying more and more on the Internet of Things, it does not make sense for schools—or any organization— to invest in a system that can’t connect and integrate with various systems and technologies.

The Importance Of Fire Alarms

Cover Story

The Importance Of Fire Alarms

By Michael Um

This time the alarm did sound, but it was not connected to the local fire department. In fact, not only did the building have no direct connection to fire department, it also had no automatic fire alarm at all.

Time For An Upgrade

Time For An Upgrade

By Kim Rahfaldt

With three hospitals, 15 clinics and 45 buildings, CHA was running about 500 software licenses for access control, and had run out of expansion possibilities.

Ensuring Intelligent Security Operations

Ensuring Intelligent Security Operations

By Steve Birkmeier

About four years ago, the campus suffered a rash of car break-ins that unnerved faculty and students. In the wake of the crimes, school administrators decided to install a network of video surveillance cameras to augment its security program.

Increasing Security

By Bruce Czerwinski

HighCom Security Services, an Oakland, Calif.-based integrator, oversaw the security upgrades, beginning with a complete risk assessment. The first addition was a facilitywide security camera system.

More Security Needed

By Lindsay Page

Event security is now at the forefront of many minds across the world. I’ve even spoken to a few people, including close friends of mine, who said they are now worried about attending concerts for fear of a similar shooting to take place.

Bullying No More

Bullying No More

By Derek Peterson

Bullying is not new; however with social media it has become more prevalent. The growth in bullying is making it much more paramount for colleges to be more vigilant in this fight.

Safe Learning

Safe Learning

By Harm Radstaak

Taking advantage of a major modernization program, Cervantes High School implemented the HID Mobile Access solution at school entrance turnstiles to better protect what had previously been an open campus with uncontrolled access, and provide a convenient way to carry campus IDs on mobile phones.

What Wannacry Taught Us About The Importance Of Healthcare IT Security

By Karin Ratchinsky

The recent WannaCry ransomware attacks compromised an estimated 200,000 systems across 150 countries, including the United Kingdom’s National Health Service system. This breach came uncomfortably close to a life-or-death situation when 16 hospitals were unable to access patient data and diverted ambulances to other facilities.