Perimeter Security

Defending the Campus Perimeter with Audio

Whether it’s an airport or a college campus, perimeter security breaches are not rare. It’s difficult to protect large areas of an airport. Yet, those facilities are secured with large fences.

Surveillance Solutions Improve Campus Parking Beyond Security

Surveillance Solutions Improve Campus Parking Beyond Security

Campus environments come in many shapes and forms: universities, hospitals, corporate, military bases, or even airports—but they may all share common challenges when it comes to parking.

Extending the Perimeter on Campus Security and Safety

Campus security and safety are two of the many challenges facing colleges and universities nationwide. When we think about safety and security on campuses, one might immediately think of active shooter scenarios and prevention.

Baton Rouge Athena Weapons Detection

Baton Rouge PreK–8 School, Athena Partner on Weapons Detection System

Hosanna Christian Academy, a PreK–8 school in Baton Rouge, La., recently announced the installation of a new security solution on its campus.

10 Considerations for School Security Technology

To help you determine whether a vendor can deliver an effective solution that keeps your schools safe from gun-related violence, here are ten key considerations you should review.

Slow It Down

Slow It Down

Protecting perimeters, buildings, property and people is no small responsibility, whether it is an embassy, a school, factory or farmers market. Knowing you have the right equipment in place to secure your facility and to prevent human tragedies brings a peace of mind that no amount of money can buy.

Reducing Nuisance Alarms

Critical infrastructure sites need reliable, cost-effective physical security solutions.

Unified Solutions Streamline Corporate Campus Security

Unified Solutions Streamline Corporate Campus Security

For large corporate campuses, managing access to multiple sites while ensuring tenants, employees, and visitors can easily move around is key to overall security and operational efficiency. Historically, balancing these goals was a complex task.

Putnam City Schools Rewrites the Lesson Plan for District Surveillance

Putnam City Schools Rewrites the Lesson Plan for District Surveillance

With 28 schools and 10 administrative facilities spread across 43 square miles of the Oklahoma City Metroplex area, Stout and his team are continually evaluating the district’s security infrastructure to identify new methods for keeping students, faculty and staff safe.

Police Kill ‘Potential Intruder’ Near Alabama Elementary School

National news reports that a man who tried entering a Gadsden, Ala., elementary school while a summer program was in session was shot and killed by police on Thursday morning.