Texas Company Named 3M National Dealer of the Year

Epic Solar Control has been named 3M’s 2023 National Dealer of the Year, Single Market for its exceptional sales growth and performance in the window film industry. The prestigious award was presented to the McKinney, Texas-based company during 3M’s 2024 Building Window Film Dealer Conference at the Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa in San Antonio, Texas.

“The 3M National Dealer of the Year award for Epic Solar Control is a great achievement for our company,” said Kelly Eder, president and owner of Epic Solar Control. “Our team is dedicated to superior quality film and precise installation of every piece of film for every project to ensure our customers are safe and happy. This award reflects our team’s ongoing efforts and dedication to providing exceptional service to our customers.”

As a 3M™ Premier Elite Dealer, Epic Solar Control serves commercial, government, school, and residential clients throughout the country. The company installs 3M™ Window Films on glass surfaces, including sun control films to lower heat, reduce high energy costs, and slow fading; privacy and security films to offer additional security and safety; and decorative films that can be applied on both glass and architectural surfaces.

As a mother of three, Kelly Eder is most passionate about school safety and what 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film can do for a school campus. Protecting children and educational staff was the primary reason she and her husband, Chris, started Epic Solar Control in 2018 and became a 3M™ Window Film dealer.

“We wanted to work with 3M and offer the best product to help protect students, teachers, and staff,” Kelly Eder said. “That is why my husband and I chose to carry 3M films for our customers and why we started approaching school districts to install the film on glass doors and windows as an added safety measure.”

Since the company began in 2018, Epic Solar Control has directed much of its focus to school safety. 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film is designed to hold broken glass in place after impact, helping to preventi flying shards from harming people and damaging property. The safety film’s performance increases when it is paired with a 3M™ Impact Protection Adhesive.

In recent years, school districts across the country have been installing 3M™ Safety and Security Window Film on their glass windows and doors as an added layer of protection against active shooters and unwanted intruders. 3M’s safety films have been placed under a series of rigorous tests, including against wind speeds of up to 170 miles per hour, bomb blasts and explosions. The film has been proven to hold shattered glass intact for up to two full minutes, allowing time for emergency officials time to arrive. “In some cases, those extra two minutes can save lives,” Kelly Eder said.

Epic Solar Control estimates it has installed more than one million square feet of 3M™ Window Film throughout Texas. The company also has installed 3M™ Window Film on buildings in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Colorado and more. “The one thing that differentiates us is our attention to detail. We are sticklers to get our installations correct,” said Chris Eder, the chief operating officer for Epic Solar Control. “We are not going to expedite the process and jeopardize the integrity of the film, and we tell our clients this. It is important to us that we take the time necessary to make sure that it is done right.”

With 47 employees, Epic Solar Control’s team includes sales and customer service representatives, office staff, and certified installers. At any time, installers could be in the field throughout the country. “We do not hire subcontractors, but rather manage our own work,” Kelly Eder said. “This way, we get the work done according to our exacting standards.”

Both Kelly and Chris Eder were excited to bring the award home to their team to celebrate. “It really was a surprise. We weren’t expecting it, especially given the large number of 3M dealers across the country,” Kelly Eder said. “We are thrilled and honored to be recognized for our high-quality installations and end-to-end customer service efforts that result in exceptional sales performance.”

For more information about Epic Solar Control, visit EpicSolarControl.com or call (469) 577-9933.


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