Business Owners Rest Easy

For decades, overnight security problems have been a major source of stress for business owners. Lone security guards, static surveillance cameras and outdated alarm systems are some examples of ineffective security solutions companies have used to combat property crimes like trespassing, theft and vandalism. However, a newer security solution called remote guarding is now giving business owners the peace of mind they deserve when thinking about their overnight security concerns.

While some may be familiar with that term, it was not until very recently that the technology and methodology practices have come of age to deliver the dream of real-time crime prevention. Today’s sophisticated and field-proven blend of strategically placed surveillance cameras, video analytics and artificial intelligence coupled with highly trained command center agents who can voice down to diffuse incidents is bringing a whole new level of protection to the security industry.

Built specifically with overnight security problems in mind — when people and assets are typically most exposed and vulnerable — remote guarding (sometimes also referred to as virtual or digital guarding) is disrupting the security field not only via the elements described but also by forging a deep trust partnership with law enforcement. Having shown itself to be far more legitimate and reliable than traditional alarm systems, agencies are increasingly discovering how remote guarding can make false alarms outdated, while giving officers eyewitness information that provides for better safety and leads to more detentions and arrests.

Here are a few ways this trailblazing new solution is changing overnight security.

Boosts Security Coverage Levels
Data has been documented showing how current and properly implemented remote guarding solutions have impressively demonstrated the ability to prevent overnight crime, and a dramatic overall drop in property crime months and years after installation. Previous security solutions left many gaps and vulnerabilities that criminals easily exploited and took advantage of.

These weaknesses can be eliminated by leading remote guarding companies conduct a customized, forensic analysis of a client’s property to identify any areas that could be at high-risk for criminal attempts.

Additionally, the “digital guards” and AI deployed in remote guarding establish a geofence that picks up on any activity that happens within the specified area. On a large property, it is nearly impossible to do that with one or two human security guards, as they can only be in one place at a time. In general, whether as a manned guard augmentation and force multiplier or as a total replacement, remote guarding delivers superior security at a significantly lower cost to make a compelling return-on-investment (ROI) case.

Lowers Risk and Liability for Businesses
There are so many risks and liabilities a business must endure when it comes to overnight security. Human security guards themselves are at risk if criminal activity results in violence, which in turn puts the company in jeopardy as well. Remote guarding helps reduce this risk by moving security guards offsite to a remote command center and letting digital guards and audio speakers communicate with any potential criminals or trespassers on site.

Remote guarding can also come in handy if there are any disputes or fraudulent lawsuits attempted on the property. High-definition video footage can be recovered and shared to see what really happens and settle any clashes between parties.

Installing a remote guarding solution sends a message to the entire community. As criminals attempt to sneak onto the property and commit crimes, they are consistently caught and warned to leave before law enforcement is called.

Eventually, the criminals in the area get the message and know not to consider approaching that business with illicit intent. This long-term deterrence of crime has an incredibly positive ripple effect not only on the business but also the local community.

Brings Nighttime Peace of Mind
Turning properties into safe zones helps bring peace of mind to employees, customers and residents of that area. Businesses, schools and houses of worship can thrive under a level of protection they had previously never experienced before. Numerically this translates into higher profit margins and helps improve property values within the community. From a human perspective, it helps reduce the stress and anxiety that comes with overnight security problems, which leads to happier and healthier employees and business owners.

Remote guarding solutions are trailblazing and disrupting the world of overnight security. Traditional methods of preventing crime during these high-risk hours of the night are simply being outperformed by this new and innovative approach. By embracing novel solutions like Remote guarding, business owners can increase their peace of mind, profit margins and security levels significantly.

When looking for a quality provider, be sure to ask whether they have their own command center and look at their list of clients to see if they have a credible list of customers. Solution providers should also provide a free consultation and work with your business to analyze the weak spots on your property before recommending equipment placement.

This article originally appeared in the November/December 2023 issue of Campus Security Today.


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