Virtual Summit Poll Results: When is the Last Time You Updated Your Emergency Operations Plan?

In Session 2 of the Campus Security & Life Safety Virtual Summit, speakers Paul Timm and Kevin Wren spoke about security management planning in light of recent active shooter events in schools. They posed a question to the audience: “When is the last time you updated your Emergency Operations Plan?”

The results are in! Out of 99 respondents, the largest portion (40.4%) said that the plans were updated within the last six months. Another 27.3% answered within the last year. 25.3% said that it’s been a while, and the remaining 7.1% were “too embarrassed to say.”

Timm and Wren discussed taking a proactive approach to effective emergency preparedness, as well as the key elements to that approach. Click here for the free, on-demand video recording of the entire Virtual Summit—including Session 1, “Monitoring Campus Environments,” and Session 3, “Hottest Third-Party Solutions.”


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