i-PRO Moves Manufacturing Center to Japan

Intelligent surveillance and public safety solutions company i-PRO Americas Inc. recently announced that its manufacturing center has relocated from Cambodia to Japan, according to a news release. The new center will be located in Fukuoka, Japan, close to the company’s Research and Development hub. The move will allow i-PRO to produce a wider variety of customized products and reduce delivery times to customers, the news release reports.

The engineering and manufacturing teams will be able to collaborate, design, test, and build products more quickly, speeding up the products’ time from development to release. It will also allow the company to introduce “agile production” engineering initiatives that make use of a high-mix low volume strategy and ease the process of made-to-order manufacturing. The news release reports that i-PRO will be able to both standardize the creation of core camera modules and implement higher levels of customization.

The new manufacturing facility will also be located near Narita airport, cutting down on travel costs and providing easy access to a reliable supply chain, the press release reports.

“We are very excited to begin manufacturing in Japan again,” said Bill Brennan, i-PRO Americas President. “This important move will enable us to build upon our 60-year history of Japanese manufacturing excellence with Panasonic while ushering in a new era of make-to-order manufacturing supported by quality-driven Japanese R&D culture.”

About the Author

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