Snapchat Alerts FBI of Potential Shooting at an Ohio High School

Snapchat Alerts FBI of Potential Shooting at an Ohio High School

Snapchat is monitoring its users and alerting authorities about potential threats.

Several school districts have law enforcement agencies who monitor social media, such as Facebook and Snapchat, to detect potential threats.

In the case of Lakewood High School in Ohio, Snapchat did the monitoring for them. The social media app alerted the FBI on Saturday of a gun threat against the school.

"Principal Walters sent out a phone call to all of the parents, a prerecorded message just giving a description of what happened and that the FBI was involved and how they took care of it and there was no need to even worry and have our kids go to school today," said Charlotte Miller, whose daughter is in her sophomore year at the school, to Fox 8 Cleveland.

Snapchat not only made law enforcement aware of the threat, it worked with them to get the suspect’s name and address.

The 21-year-old former Lakewood High student was located at a Taco Bell. The man has not been charged.

"The indication was there was a problem with a student or students at the school.The person indicating he was going to bring a gun to the school on Monday," Lakewood Police Captain Gary Stone told Fox 8. 

He said the high school has had similar threats made against it before. 

"This has occurred a few times in the past, and each time we've solved it."

In a statement, Lakewood City School District Superintendent Michael Barnes reminded parents and students that if they hear or see something to report it.

“We must all work together to keep our students and staff safe," Barnes said in the statement.

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