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Cal State Fullerton Increases Security Measures After Stabbing Death of Former Administrator

As students moved on campus this week, university police increased the number of officers on patrol and canceled a week of planned promotional events.

Following the violent stabbing death of a former university administrator on campus, police at California State University, Fullerton are taking action to investigate the crime and make sure students and staff feel safe.

Steven Chan, who served as a budget and student services director at the school from 2009 through his retirement in 2017, was stabbed to death in a campus parking lot on Monday. While Chan was no longer in a full-time role, he began serving as a special consultant in early 2019, according to Cal State Fullerton President Framroze Virjee.

The attacker, who wore all-black and is believed to have targeted Chan, left behind a backpack that contained a knife-like weapon, items that could be used in a kidnapping and an incendiary device that had not been activated, according to Fullerton police.



As law enforcement search for the suspect and attempt to uncover a motive for the crime, police are trying to assure the community, particularly incoming freshmen who moved on campus this week, that they will be safe at Cal State.

Captain Scot Willey, who serves as the spokesperson for the university police department, told The Orange County Register that his force is working with local and state law enforcement agencies to increase patrols on and around campus. The Fullerton police department, San Diego State University and several Cal State campuses have sent officers to assist the school during this time, Willey said.

“The No. 1 priority of the police department is the safety of our community members,” Wiley told the paper. “Officers patrol the campus all year long, day and night to ensure students, staff and faculty have a safe place to live and work. Security is taken seriously, and through training, the department constantly improves their ability to keep the campus safe.”

He added that the department canceled its Pedestrian Safety Week, originally set for next week, to focus on their response to the incident.

“In light of recent events, the event was canceled and all resources from that campaign have been allocated to increase police presence on campus,” Willey said.

Willey encouraged all community members to remain vigilant about their surroundings and take advantage of the department’s campus escort service for people who do not feel comfortable walking alone to their vehicles or classes.

“The one common message that the department tries to employ is to always remain vigilant – whether at home, school or in public places,” Willey said. “Everyone should be aware of their surroundings and incorporate safe practices in everything they do.”