$15 Million Grant to Go Toward Mobile County Public Schools Safety

$15 Million Grant to Go Toward Mobile County Public Schools Safety

Mobile County Public Schools plans to put the $14.7 million toward security technology to enhance student safety.

Mobile County Public Schools will be putting $14.7 million toward school safety through technology.

Davidson High School has a multitude of technology in place to keep students safe such as lights, screens and a gunshot detector.

“We certainly hope the Davidson project, that we can extend that, further to other schools, we've been able to receive some grant money for that particular project,” said MCPSS security director Andy Gatehouse to NBC 15.

Gatehouse said that technology is the key to future security endeavors.

“That’s the way we're moving, everything is moving toward a more technological-based system,” Gatehouse said.

The first $15 million will go toward Rep. Chip Brown’s schools. He said that it’s important to him that they provide excellent technology and security for their schools.

“It’s important to me and to every member of our delegation that we try and put good technology in our classrooms and that we try to protect our students,” Brown said. “Security cameras, even metal detectors if they need them, depending on certain situations, and especially training, learning how to run, hide fight.”

He said although it’s unfortunate that they have to beef up security measures so much due to the reality of society, it’s vital to protect the students from any potential dangers.

“It is sad, it’s part of the society today, but we want to give our children and our teachers every tool and every opportunity to keep those kids safe if something were to happen,” Brown said. “You can't just sit back and do nothing. Our children are our most precious resources.”

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