Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine - May June 2020

May June 2020


Cover Story

Pioneering Integration Services

Pioneering Integration Services

By Barbara Rizzatti

The Nemours Children’s Health System is a national resource focused on providing pediatric medical care, research, education, prevention, and advocacy.


Going Above and Beyond

By Todd Miller

Schools unfortunately have become a scary place to be, and it's hard for students to learn at their full potential when they feel so unsafe.

The Power to Protect

The Power to Protect

By Ronnie Pennington

Improving safety and security at schools and campuses is a critical topic of discussion amongst school administrators and the myriad security professionals serving the education marketplace.

Feeling Safe

By Christopher Buecksler, Derek Peterson

The best environment for learning is one where students, teachers and staff feel safe.

Challenging Temporary Access

Challenging Temporary Access

By Despina Stamatelos

When it comes to safeguarding any educational facility, restricting access—particularly to secured areas—is vital.

Keeping An Open Environment Secure

By Tracie Thomas

Columbia College Chicago is focused on embracing security while still maintaining an open environment for students, staff and visitors. With its manual revolving door and barrier free optical turnstiles, the university is doing just that.

Hardening Security

By Steve Connor

Hospitals are where people go to seek treatment, recover and address critical injuries.

A Campus Challenge

A Campus Challenge

By Anthony Incorvati

Like cities and towns everywhere, campuses today face tremendous challenges when it comes to managing traffic and transportation.

Connecting School Security Professionals, Virtually

By Haley Samsel

It’s no secret that the landscape for campus security professionals has shifted enormously since our last edition went to press in March.

Striking a Balance

Striking a Balance

By Eric Widlitz

Striking a delicate balance between security and functionality has always been a challenging objective for school administrators, who have to consider several factors in an attempt to make this possible.

Ensuring Growth

Ensuring Growth

By Cydney Higgins

Coppell, Texas, is a suburban community in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, with a reputation for strong community services, including a premier public education system ensured by the administrators, faculty, and staff of the Coppell Independent School District.