Campus Security & Life Safety Magazine Digital Edition - August 2018

August 2018



Unique Communication on Campus

By Michael Zuidema

Emergency communication solutions like blue light phone towers and call boxes have been commonly used tools at universities and colleges for decades.

A Proactive Thought

By Richard Brent

The way we approach school security needs to change. Bullying, mental health challenges, and widespread access to firearms have seeped into the fabric of our educational facilities, triggering a rise in tragic active shooter incidents which have become common enough in newspaper headlines for some to glance over without notice.

Developing Effective Lockdown Procedures

Developing Effective Lockdown Procedures

By Michael Niola

Campus lockdown procedures, much like other emergency response and disaster preparedness measures, are critical to the safe and secure operation of a school campus.

Why, Where And When To Retrofit

Why, Where and When to Retrofit

By Benjamin Williams

As the push for connected campuses advances, many facilities are looking to upgrade their security systems from mechanical to electronic access control.

Securing Classrooms: Integrating The First Unified Security System

Securing Classrooms: Integrating the First Unified Security System

By Dan Stewart

With gun violence now a reality in school corridors and classrooms, officials are faced with the significant, yet daunting, task of ensuring that students, faculty and staff are secure in what traditionally has been considered a safe environment.

Why Innovative and Integrated Security Works for K-12

By Karen Evans

As we have seen time and time again in critical situations involving our nation’s schools, every second counts in an emergency.

From 134 To Zero

From 134 to Zero

By Dave Geenens

In sporting events, the score often doesn’t tell the whole story. In the search for active shooter barricades in U.S. K-12 schools, this score tells it all.

Metal Detectors Help Keep School and University Events Safe

By Luca Cacioli

For any school system looking to expand or enhance their safety measures, metal detectors offer one line of defense for deterring weapons and other threatening objects from entering school buildings and campus athletic/special event facilities.

Bridging The Gap

Bridging the Gap

By Ellie Randall

When searching for a new access control provider, Townsend cited the security of students and protection of facilities as two of the biggest challenges the new system needed to manage.

Four Tips For Developing Effective Campus Security

Four Tips for Developing Effective Campus Security

By Mary Wilbur

People who studied education most likely have no formal training in the security field, yet now they are expected to make expert decisions about campus security.

Evolving Drills to Match Campus Threats

By Sydny Shepard

For many years, campuses believed these drills encompassed the entire gamut of threats that could endanger students, faculty and staff on their campus. Today, the threats are evolving and so are the drills.

How To Select The Best Mass Notification System For Your Campus

How to Select The Best Mass Notification System for Your Campus

By Daniel Graff-Radford

Although some college campuses have long benefited from mass notification systems, the current evolving threat environment facing our education systems indicate just how crucial it is for all schools to have the technologies and communications infrastructure to inform and protect students, families, faculty and staff.

Add Gun Violence Prevention To Back-to-School Checklist

By Nicole Hockley

With back-to-school upon us, we all know how important it is to ensure students are prepped with the essentials.

Schools Are Investing In Face Recognition. Will It Make Campuses Safer?

Schools are Investing in Face Recognition. Will It Make Campuses Safer?

By Peter Trepp

Education Week’s log of school shootings reveals at least 13 incidents in 2018 so far, with 97 people killed or injured. How do we stop this unending cycle of violence?

Get Ready For Gen Z: The Future Of ID Issuance

Get Ready For Gen Z: The Future of ID Issuance

By Jeff Meier

The next generation of students is making its way onto college campuses. As millennials trade in their caps and gowns for a spot in the workforce, Gen Z is shopping for dorm room essentials.

Three Pillars of Visitor Management

By Sydny Shepard

Every business, campus, facility and organization in a specialty vertical could benefit from some kind of visitor management system, whether on a small or large scale. In reality, these organizations or businesses already have some type of visitor management system in place, but it is often in the inefficient form of a receptionist or paper logbook.